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Since I’m obsessed with Hotline Miami and Steam Trading cards, and I didn’t see these uploaded yet, I decided to upload the Hotline Miami steam trading cards. Enjoy the grungy and amazing art.

Also, it’s interesting to note the names of these characters on the trading cards. The Bum is referred to as “Burn”. Perhaps as a reference to how the lowercase letters R and N placed next to each other look like a lowercase M. 

Also any characters wearing masks are referred to by what the mask looks like, and not the name of the mask. For example, the card of the woman in the horse mask is referred to as “Horse” instead of the game’s name of the mask “Don Juan”. Jacket also isn’t referred to as Jacket in his card, but is instead referred to as “Pig”.

Biker is confirmed to be named “Biker” by this card set though. 

Also the Biker trading card seems to also confirm something else about Biker, I’ll put slashes through it so nobody has to be spoiled if they don’t want to…… *****The reflection in Biker’s helmet shows mutilated corpses that match the look of the PhoneHom employees, they do NOT look like Russian Mafiosos at all. This seems to confirm to me that he does, indeed, canonically kill everyone at PhoneHom*****


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